Urinary Incontinence


What is it?

The involuntary loss of urine whether it be a few drops or complete emptying of your bladder. If it wasn’t on purpose, then it’s incontinence.



Urge Incontinence (aka. overactive bladder):

Sudden urges to urinate and loss of control before reaching the bathroom. It is often associated with behaviours or triggers.


Stress Incontinence:

Leaking when there is an increase in pressure through the abdomen. For example, when sneezing, laughing, coughing, walking.


Mixed Incontinence:

Both stress and urge incontinence are present.


Overflow Incontinence:

When an overfull bladder constantly leaks due to a blockage at the urethra, weak or decreased contractility of the bladder, neuropathy, or an injury to the nerves that affects the bladder.


Functional Incontinence:

Inability to make it to the washroom in time due to physical, functional, or cognitive limitations.