Your healthcare should fit your needs. You can initiate your physiotherapy care through booking either:

1. A complete in person initial assessment (90 minutes)
2. Virtual initial assessment (45 minutes) followed by an in person assessment (45 minutes)

Visit our FAQ page to prepare for your appointment.


Virtual Initial Assessment (45 minutes):

For first time clients with pelvic health symptoms related to pregnancy, potspartum, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, GI dysfunction, post-surgery (gyne, GI, urological, abdominal) or painful sex. During this virtual appointment, we will do a deep dive into your concerns followed by specific education and recommendations. We will work together to devise goals and a treatment plan specific to your needs. As well as discuss and book your in-person assessment.

This is a great option if your time is limited, you need to squeeze in your appointment during your lunch break or when the kids are sleeping.


In Person Assessment (45 minutes):

For new clients who have completed their virtual initial assessment.

Assessments include assessing your body position, core function, breathing pattern, and pelvic floor function. You will leave the assessment with a good understanding of your body, how your goals will be achieved, education to empower you, and home program to begin your journey to autonomy over your physical health. Please see FAQ page for details of an internal pelvic floor assessment.


In Person Initial Assessment (90 minutes):

This is your comprehensive and complete initial assessment all completed in person. It includes all components of the above described Virtual Initial Assessment and In Person Assessment.


Virtual and In Person Follow Up Treatment (45 minutes):

Follow up appointments can be done through in person or virtual appointments. In person appointments are able to provide the most detailed, efficient, and comprehensive treatment to reach your goals. We understand that with the current state of the world, scheduling conflicts, etc. that in person appointments aren't always feasible, so virtual treatment sessions are available.