Pelvis Anatomy

The pelvic floor is a complex and dynamic system, comprised of layers of muscles, ligaments, fascia, and breathing patterns.


Female Genitalia:

Vulva: the whole area, generally outside

Vagina: inside tube from uterus to vaginal opening

Labia: flaps of skin, 2 layers

Labia Majora: fatty outer lips, hair on this part

Labia Minora: more internal skin flaps which help to close the vagina opening (no hair)

Clitoris: at the front of the vulva, feels like a nub or firm ball where the labia meet at the front. Sensitive spot.

Urethra: opening for urine


The pelvic floor is made up of 4 distinct components:

1. Pelvic Floor

a. Made up of muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, nerves, and skin
b. Spans from tailbone (coccyx) to pubic bone

2. Diaphragm
3. Transverse Abdominus Muscle
4. Multifidus Muscles


Roles of the Pelvic Floor:

• Close the urethra, anus, and vagina
• Support for the internal organs (like uterus, bladder and rectum)
• Stability of the core, pelvis/spine
• Birth role, stretching, guiding and propelling
• Sexual appreciation and sensation